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When all three judges weigh in with their responses, we will schedule an event to present the winners.





Judging for the contest will be done online.

Entries for the contest were accepted until October 14, 2005.



is an author, artist and engineer based in Seattle and is associate editor of MAKE http://www.makezine.com . He has authored and contributed to numerous books on mobile devices, multimedia, hacks and regularly writes for Popular Science as well as producing the MAKE:audio and video content on the Makezine.com site. Phillip's personal site can be viewed at http://www.flashenabled.com .


"My electronics hacking experience started while I was in junior high and high school. I was involved in a ham radio workshop and began working with audio electronics.





Electrical Engineering undergrad (Umass Dartmouth) and grad school (Worcester Polytechnic Institute) included lots of lab experiments. I specialized in computer architecture and became the teaching assistant for computer engineering labs.


I've been computer programming full time since, mostly writing drivers for sound cards and graphics cards. I've gotten involved in microcontroller programming on the side and continue audio and automotive hacking."


Owner/operator of I-hacked.com (a hardware hacking site). Bill graduated from KSU in 2000 with business degrees in MIS and Management and currently works for a major telco as a network security engineer. Bill has tinkered with electronics since his earliest memories and enjoys discovering new ways of using technology to solve problems (and sometimes cause them).


"I am really looking forward to this contest. I can't wait to see what some of your students can show me. I am looking for a hack that uses a device in a manner that it was never intended for."

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